I Love Myself

Just follow the rules

Hear, See, Smell, Taste, Touch

I was thinking one day, that if I could only give one piece of advice, what would it be?  Well. I decided it would be to use all of your senses. Now to explain. 

Listen: Listen to everything around you. Listen to the advice people give you and to what they say. You don’t have to do as they say, but you have to listen. Hear everything around you, from the simplest things, like the wind through tree’s, complex things, the buzz of a humming birds wings, or beautiful things like the music made by people. Listen to your heart, and listen to your head. Listen to your friends, and listen to your family. Listen to your gut, and listen to the most logical solution. Consider everything. Hear everything. Listen to everything. 

Sight: Don’t run through life blind, with your eyes closed hoping everything will be alright.  Look at what you are doing. Look at what they are doing. See how beautiful everything is. See how happy life can be. Use your eyes to help you decide which path you want to take.  Absorb life through your eyes, learn from what you see, and find the magic of everyday. The magic of color and shape, of talent and skill.  Learn from what you see. Learn from the magic. 

Smell: Stop and smell the roses. Don’t rush through life, unaware of the smell’s around you.  Smell is known to have the highest connection to memories, so stop and make some memories. When something good happens, smell and implant it into your brain. Remember the good.  When something bad happens smell and remember what you have learned. Remember the lesson.  There is no such thing as a bad smell, they all cause reminders of what we once knew. Not only should we slow down to smell these roses, with new memories, we should also remember the daffodils we once smelled. Never forget to smell.

Taste: Give everything a taste. How will you know if it’s not your taste, if you don’t taste it? Give everything a chance, in turn giving your self a chance to grow and learn.  Don’t decide you don’t like something without trying it first.  Taste everything. Try everything. Give it all your best. Give it all a chance.

Touch: Feel everything. Don’t be cold hearted. Don’t let anything not affect you. Let everything affect you. Every sound, every sight, every smell, every taste and ever feeling should will cause you to have emotion, feel those emotions. Don’t bare it down because you feel like they should not be there. Appreciate everything you feel, everything you can touch, everything that is everything. Let the things you hear help decide the direction you choose, let the things you see help with every fork in the road, let everything you smell bring up the memories of happiness or sadness, let everything you taste register in your mind and a reference of life. Feel everything. Feel love, feel hate, feel envy, feel sad, feel happy, feel everything there is to feel. Just simply feel.

RULE 16: Use all your senses. 

To my tumblr’s that read my rules, I am sorry if they are not right.  I am simply learning the way life works. If you feel you have a rule you would like to submit feel free to do so. You can send it to me in my ask. It will get it’s own rule number, but it must be accompanied by a story that helped bring you to that rule. Any rules that are similar, I will join together giving both of you the credit. Help me, help you. 

But as for now, I must hear my recorded notes for my history class, see the lectures that accompany them, smell the everyday smell of my apartment, taste the soda I drink and feel as though I may pass my exams. 

Love yourself, love your neighbor and love the stranger you have never seen. 


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